Wednesday 20 February 2019

Diamond Video Comparison Requests!

Hi Everyone!

As most of you guys know, we regularly do Diamond Education videos and post them up on our YouTube channel -

If you have any video topic request you would like to us to for our next video, feel free to to suggest it to us at, (Attn: Video Request).
This includes any diamond(s) that you are considering with us that you can't decide on! We'll be happy to a video comparison of them for you! :)

Here's an example of a diamond comparison video that we've done for our client.

Tuesday 13 February 2018

A Big Story In My Hand

A few months ago, never have I thought that I will be in one of the stories I myself wrote.

Today,14th of February 2018, I am writing one of the most special blog, a first hand story from a girl who had just been engaged.  I am Joy Barcelona, soon to be Mrs. Fajardo! 

How does it feel? Oh well! Nerve wracking, mind blowing or even extreme bliss, weren't enough words to express how I felt that night.

Back Story 

According to him, while he was planning for the proposal there are 4 major things he needed to accomplish.

1) The Diamond Ring

Knowing that I have been in this line for quite sometime, he really felt the pressure of finding the right diamond ring. So without questions asked, he know his first and only choice, JannPaul! 

On my off day, he went and met my colleague Casey, and like any other client, he has gone through the one and a half hour diamond education session. He didn't actually expect it! I never mentioned to him how long we spend to really explain to our clients each diamond's facet.

He was in fact amazed- both at the diamonds' quality and level of service that was given to him.

It made me so proud to hear it coming from him! :) I know I am on the right team. Our star - quality products and exquisite customer service.

Here are the specifications of my ring. 

Diamond: Super Ideal Cut 0.31 G VS2
Setting: Split Shank band with side diamonds and Halo setting 
             * He even remember, that I say that this setting is gorgeous when I saw someone wearing it. 
               (Note to girls, they are really listening although it may appear as if they are not.)
Ring Size: 11 (51) 
             * Lucky him, my colleagues already know my ring size! 

2) The Surprise Vlog

He knows that I love vlogging, although I do not post most of them, I just want to keep a video record of events that I felt were good to reminisce in the future. Since, we do not have video records of our memories together, he decided to make a documentation where we tell the story of how we met. He planned to play it during the proposal day itself.

So, he asked one of his friends to message me and tell me that they need to interview few couples in a long-term relationship. They need to make some documentations of our journey for their final project in school. I really buy the story. I thought, Communication Arts students might have a project like that. 

3) The Venue

If I knew his plan before it happened, I would think he is out of his mind! (Sorry babe! 😄)

Why does it become a big deal when you can just get a cosy place, a popular one or maybe a nice restaurant? Only because he decided to do it in front of all the alumni of our Secondary school where we met. He will do it at the Grand Alumni Home Coming 2017! Mind you guys, it was a huge crowd, even my dad's and uncle's batchmates were there. Our school is one of the most popular in town.

But that craziness is what I love about him. You don't expect the normal! What's life without this crazy fella!

He will put a lot of thought in every little detail. All the minor points I thought were meaningless, to him, did actually have a purpose. He indeed want me to remember this proposal day as one of the most unforgettable events of my life. 

4) The Pamamanhikan 

It is the Filipino's own version of the Chinese wedding tea ceremony, but instead of doing it on the day of the wedding, we do it even before the wedding planning commenced. It is to formally ask for the girl's hand from her family.

It is normally held on a separate date, but fiance decided to take in all the stress and do it as another surprise on the same night. 

It is setting a very high benchmark! Everything was so perfect and stress free. It made me feel like I'm literally on a fairy tale as cheesy as it may sound. 

30th of December 2017

He doesn't even asked me to go to the event. He said it was up to me if I want to go or not, so how would I suspect he's up to something? I was too lazy to dress up nicely that night, so I just wore a simple blouse, shorts and a pair of sneakers.

I just had a little chitchat with some of my teachers and alumni I knew. My dad also introduced me again to his classmates, he always does even if they already knew me. I think it's a dad thing!

I had some dinner afterwards, and was ready to go home when suddenly the emcee called me, announcing that I won the raffle! Hey, I won the raffle just for attending, that is sooo awesome!

So I went off to claim the best price ever!

I am trying to think so hard to get the best word to use to describe it, but I can't.

As if I am loss for words.

To have seen him knelt down and ask me to be his wife...

A simple gesture that speaks a thousand promise, more than words could ever express.

All there is to say is thank you!

Thank you for being you, thank you for being mine!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

- Joy Barcelona

Tuesday 10 October 2017

The Unbreakable Vow

♫ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♪ And I said, "Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone
I'll be waiting, all that's left to do is run

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess

It's a love story, baby just say yes..

If you are a millennial, it is almost impossible for you not to know this popular song by Taylor Swift. 

How would you feel meeting your 'Romeo', in Taylor's Concert?

Quite Bizarre, isn't it?

Well, this is the simple but romantic love story of my clients, Xiu Wen and Glenn.

Xiu Wen was a friend of Glenn's colleague.  They even went to HongKong at the same period of time but their paths did not cross at all.

It took Glenn 3 months to gather all his courage and go on a dinner with his colleagues and Xiu.

They were together from March of 2016. And since then they have shared a lot of important memories. One of which is the very first secret Birthday Party for Xiu that Glenn prepared with her family and friends.

Fast forward....😀 

It was only during the beginning of the year when Glenn, decided to finally ask her hand for marriage.

Based on friends' recommendation, he went to JannPaul.

When we met, his requirements for the design was quite simple!
He wants something Disney inspired with a bit of a bow that Xiu was obsessed with.
It should match her character - bubbly, outgoing yet is able to be matured and wise.

"The customization was fulfilling, fruitful and it was definitely meaningful to be part of this process of brainstorming for the right diamond to the right setting and design!", Glenn said.

After the whole process he decided to go with the classic looking top view of the ring but detailed side profile.
This way, it still look mature with a hint of rose gold bow that Xiu would surely love.

The proposal took place in front of the Castle at Shanghai Disneyland before the fireworks ignited.

Very nervous as he was, he made an unbreakable vow to be there for her....and with her!

Joy: Describe the whole proposal journey in 3 words.

Glenn: whoa. breathtaking. magical!


Congratulations Xiu Wen and Glenn!

Written by: Joy Barcelona

Wednesday 4 October 2017

The Greek Engagement

Whenever we talk about romantic places for proposal, Greece would probably be one of the most common picks people have. With its breath- taking landscapes and very relaxed atmosphere, it just gives you a perfect scenery where you can imagine yourself asking for your lady's hand. This is the very reason why Kim Leng chose this place to propose to her beloved, Elaine.

The young couple have been together for 2 years until mid of 2016 when Kim Leng decided to take their relationship to the next level.

As a preparation, he thought of a lot of ways on how he can personalize and how he will make the proposal ring warmer and closer to the heart. This led him to look for places that can help him achieve his ultimate goal - a minimalist yet enthralling ring.

Since he wanted to customize, he thought the service is of key importance. And through an ex-colleague who shared with him about his own experience on the excellent service and diamond quality that he received, that is when he got to know about JannPaul.

For him, he doesn't exactly have a specific theme or inspiration.

"It may sound abstract but I wanted something that will be a minimalistic yet enthralling. Thereafter I looked online for ideas that will fit what I envisioned. It's a bit like I know it when I see it.", Kim Leng said.

The Customization Journey

September 25, 2016

With the intention of customizing his ring, Kim Leng visited JannPaul.
And after the full education session that took almost 2 hours, he have shortlisted Super Ideal Cut or Octagon Shape diamonds.

As for the design, he became even more eager to do research upon hearing that customization would enable you to add more details and make it more personal such as adding your birthstone or maybe an initial to it.

I still remember sending him some designs that has sapphires on the band for his reference.

October 29, 2016 

The first thing that was taken care of was the diamond. Same as the rest, definitely the best way to know if you are getting the best value for money is to compare.

There are alot of diamonds which might appear a better choice but when you look through the details then you will see the reason why it is of lower value.

For example, if you are offered this piece, you might think it's nice, who wouldn't?
It is a 0.73 carat, F color, VVS2.

However, from the GIA certificate, this diamond appears to have very poor proportions which has a HCA score of 2.6

To add on, it is a very steep/deep cut diamond. 
It has very steep crown angle of 35.5 degrees with a long depth of 62.7%.
You can view a steep/deep diamond at,

A steep/deep diamond would also appear smaller than it is.

If you need some help comparing the diamond you are interested with, do not hesitate to contact us.
We are more than happy to help you out! :)

November 18, 2016

After a lot of consideration, discussion and comparison of different diamond specifications, finally, the diamond has been finalized. It is now the next level of the proposal ring search journey.

The design started off with a few words:
*Double band

And here's how the 1st round of render goes.

December 10, 2016

During the third meet up, we discussed on how to make the design a bit more of two ropes twirling through the diamond and merges into one.

A few things to note is for the edges to be more bowl shape, rounded and lesser sharp to be more suitable for daily wear and also to make the band go from thick to thin to give it a softer, curvier feel to it.

Aside from that, there are also some request like making the band from thick squarish to slim rope kind of metal, however, there are some hindrance in the crafting where some parts were not advisable to be done due to diamond security. All this, we can definitely guide you throughout the whole process. 

After a few more brain storming and renderings, Voila! We've got the perfect rendering that suits his preference.

"JP was great in taking the time to explain the aspects of a diamond without being pushy in sales but recommending according to needs and budget. During customisation of the setting , Joy was great in advising me what is feasible and the design.", Kim Leng.

"It was a beautiful holiday made even more memorable when he proposed in Santorini. The proposal was definitely a very sweet surprise and the customized ring is beautiful, reflecting the organic shapes that he likes and encapsulates the undulating curves encasing the diamond in a way that suits me perfectly. The past years together has been beautiful and as we mark this new chapter, I'm looking forward to many more memorable moments by each others side!", Elaine.

Customization may be a bit more tedious and complicated but at the end, you will find that it is definitely fulfilling ... full of discovery and sweetness.

Congratulations Elaine and Kim Leng!!

Written by: Joy Barcelona

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Maintaining your Diamond's Sparkle

Most often, ladies would think that the diamonds quality will deteriorate over time, maybe because their diamond looks blur and not as sparkly as it used to be. That is where you are wrong!

Diamonds' quality, especially its color and brilliance, won't go off over time. It is only the dirt stuck in-between its prongs that will cause it to go blur. Cleaning it using some household products can help you bring it back to its original glory.

Please watch the full video to learn the basic maintenance of your diamond ring!

Feel free to message or give us a call if you need some assistance. 

-Joy Barcelona (83881380)

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Customization Part IV Band Setting Style for Side Diamonds

"...but babe, I want more bling!", a phrase I often hear in my 3 years in JannPaul. 😁

Why are girls so inlove with bling stuffs? Simple, it is super pretty and you can play with more designs when you have them! 

Let's start of with how they can be set on the band.

Here is the video for illustration!

Please watch out for our next blogs. We will talk more about ring customization. 

-Joy Barcelona

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Customization Part III: Crown Height and Tray

Very often, a rings' crown is neglected! 

"It's just a small part, won't be noticed!"

That's where you're mistaken!

In this post, I will be showing you the importance of the crown, its height and the tray designs.

Have you ever come across a friend, colleague or just a random individual with an engagement ring taller than what you're used to seeing? It typically comes with intricate curvatures on the sides, some nicer than others.

Have you ever wondered why this is the case? "Is this for added beauty or maybe it's just to hold the diamond higher?"

Here are a few reasons why some ladies prefer a higher ring setting

1) In many cases, higher settings are more easily matched with wedding bands. The height of a setting allows another band to sit-in nicely, thus, making it a popular option for ladies planning to stack their engagement ring and wedding band together.

2) Just like a celebrity wanting the limelight to themselves, they usually try to stand-out. More relevant to women than men, women tend to wear heels for this very reason! The same goes for a diamond on a higher setting, it elevates and this makes it appear slightly bigger and more pronounced!

3) Some ladies prefer to add more details and in order to so, would require more space. One way  to achieve this is to set the diamond higher, leaving enough gap for more artsy designs. I will leave the artistic part for later, so as to discuss it in further detail.

So the question is, would you be wearing it on a daily basis? 

If so, are you comfortable with a protruding diamond? Although all diamonds protrude slightly, a higher than average setting would be more prone to knocks when you go about your daily stuff. This may be one point to note, when considering a higher setting.

Photo credits to, instagram user liina_lu
Once you've decided between the higher or lower setting, you may then opt for additional designs to the prongs. Bear in mind that higher settings tend to give more room to accommodate more intricate designs.

Artistic Trays

One of the ways you can make your high or even low setting look nicer is by adding artistic trays. A tray is basically a bar that holds two prongs together, aside for added aesthetics, it also provides more security, to ensure the diamond doesn't fall off, should the prongs loosen over time. 

Below are some samples of trays you may refer to.
Do note that, you may also customize the color, be it white, rose gold or yellow gold.
And you do not have to worry about the color being reflected to your diamond because all our Signature cut diamonds always reflect light back, causing light leakage to be very minimal! 

Classic Tray (Bar)

V or Inverted V Tray

Heart Tray (Solid, Hollow or Filled)

Shaped trays like this may be solid, hollow or filled with diamond or other gemstones. However, certain gems have limitations to the size they can be cut to. As such, bigger trays may be required for certain gemstones.

 Round Tray


Initial Tray

Filigree-like Tray

Filigree is gold formed into delicate tracery or branching patterns. It may form into different shapes like this.

Petal Crown Head

Aside from these samples, there are many more to consider from!. Go ahead and think out of the box and we'll definitely help you bring it to life! With the advancements in 3D modeling and crafting,  the sky is the limit when it comes to designs!

If you require professional advice, do drop by and we will be happy to help you out!

- Joy Barcelona