Thursday, 27 April 2017

Customization Part II: Prong Tips

As promised in my previous blog, I will try my best to discuss in full detail all the possible customization ideas that can be done, from the very minor detail up to the dramatic ones. In this article, I will focus on the shape of the prong tips.

Prong is the little metal claw that grips the diamond tightly to hold it securely in its place. It is the long metal part of the crown. However, in most cases its tips are never noticed and dealt with.

As it is a very minute part of the diamond ring, you'll be amazed to know that you can still customize
it! Here's a few samples of Different Styles of the Prong Tip.

1) Sharp Prong tips

It is one of the most widely used prong shape that looks very sleek and elegant. It blends into the diamond that compliments its shape nicely.

2) Round Prong Tips

One of the advantages of going for round prong tip is it covers so little of the surface of the diamond that it's barely noticeable. Despite its minimal hold on the diamond itself, this prong shape still provides a very strong clasp to the diamond making it one of the most popular choice of guys choosing their diamond prong setting.

3) Heart Shape Prong Tips

If you want your setting to have a bit of more thought, you may settle to go with heart shape prongs. Aside from its lovely meaning, it will add in to the over-all aesthetic of the diamond ring. However, I would be only recommending this shape for settings which consist of 4 prongs, cause one drawback of going for this shape is it will be quite bulkier as compared to the others.  Using heart shape tips for 6 prong settings, might make it look a bit too crowded.

4) Double Claw

This type of claw gives the illusion that the prongs are slimmer but in fact it's just similar thickness as the sharp prong, just that every prong is composed of 2 slender claws that extends to the diamond in a similar way that sharp prong does. Another variation of this is to do it in double but rounded prong tips.

5) L Shape Prong Tips

For diamonds with different shape such as princess cuts, a more secured prong tip is advised. L shape prong will provide a better grip on the diamonds tips making it both secured from dropping and safe from chipping.

6) Customized Prong Tips

Supposing that you are very creative and you got your own idea of how you want the prong to look like, you may also customize it as you wish. We do provide customization services that will enable you to mix-and-match the diamond, design and prong tips as how you envisioned it to be. It may be a cushion shape prongs, rectangular prongs and so on.

Ultimately, we always go back to the key function of it. Irregardless of its shape, we make sure that it serves its purpose of keeping your diamond safe while you wear it daily.

Written by: Joy Barcelona

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Customization Part I: How many prongs on a ring?

A diamond ring is a little sparkly thing that adorns a lady’s hand, mostly to signify that soon she’ll be one with her better half. Despite its modest size, it contains many little details that are carefully designed to symbolize your love and marriage.

In my next few blogs, I will discuss in detail all the possible customization ideas that can be done, from the very minor detail up to the dramatic ones. If you have more suggestions to add, please feel free to leave your comments below. Who knows, it might help some readers to complete their own dream proposal ring :)

Let’s start from the top – The Crown!

If you ever wonder what difference does the number of prongs make, this would be a perfect read up for you!

  • Half bezel (that looks like 2 Prongs)

    With its thick metal on either side of the diamond, it will help protect and secure the stone while still being able to see some parts of it.

    The side profile allows you to see more of the diamond, giving it a clean and ''prongless''' look. It keeps the top view simple, without any prongs or tips covering the diamond.

  • 3 ProngsThis is generally offered for fancy shape diamonds such as pear or heart. It's rarely used for round or square shaped diamonds due to safety reasons. 

  • 4 Prongs

    It can be set either 4 corners or NSEW orientation. While both would show more of the diamond while viewed from the side, they differ in the look when they are face-up. 4 cornered orientations give a more square-ish feel to the diamond while NSEW can help to make the diamond look rounder.

    The over-all impression you want to achieve will boil down to your preference on whether you want a more squareish or roundish feel.

4 Prongs setting is also the recommended number of prong to showcase a Cushion Brellia and the Octagon D’Amor.

  • 5 Prongs

    It is not as popular as the others due to it being unsymmetrical with the band, where 3 of the prongs will be on one side and 2 would be on the other. But some ladies prefer it due to its distinctiveness and rarity. Also, some find that it represents a hand (5 fingers) holding onto the diamond or it gives a star shape.

  •  6 Prongs

    This is one of the top picks of guys who want to keep their proposal ring simple and classic. Although 6 prongs will hide more of the diamond from the side profile, it will give the diamond a more rounded effect when viewed from top.

Although some would prefer to go over 6 prongs, I would recommend otherwise maintaining the limelight on the diamond and not the prongs.
If you're not a fan of the protruding prongs, don't worry, you can still go without the prongs. 😱
Relax! Your diamond will still be secured.

You may also check out this video below, where my colleague Casey did a video of 4 prongs Versus 6 prongs.

  • Full bezel

    This setting would completely surround the diamond to hold it in place; it gives very good protection to the girdle of the diamond. However, it may conceal significant parts of the diamond from the side profile view.

Aside from the beauty that the Crown offers, its also meant to keep the diamond secured. No matter how many prongs or what type of bezel you go for, rest assured, we've got you covered!

Watch out for my next blog post, where I will discuss about the different type or prong tips you can customise!


-Joy Barcelona

Friday, 10 February 2017

Joanne & Colin’s Engagement in the Land of Smiles

“Looking back, it couldn't have worked out better for us - experiences in life, and the maturity with age helped establish a relationship with a strong foundation of trust and respect.” –Colin Chow

Joanne and Colin have known each other for years. The first time they met was as colleagues more than 10 years back. Somehow, Joanne had already caught Colin’s eye back then but they didn't hit it off. Life went on, and they went separate ways. Both have moved on at work and in life, until about 3 years ago where they met again and started developing a renewed friendship.

After a year of serious relationship, Colin felt that it’s about time to bring their relationship to the next level.

Colin’s Proposal Ring Journey

Compared to other guys who do their research subtly, Colin started his, by getting some ideas on what Joanne's preferences are by visiting jewelers with her to do some "window shopping".  They went to almost all high-street and non-name brand jewelers and established that she liked a halo setting in rose gold. As it turns out, Colin actually had stronger preferences of what the engagement ring should look like that gave to the following requirements:

(1) Colin wanted the design to be based off the Claddagh ring. This is because they shared some special memories in Ireland, and the symbolism of the claddagh that they both have is deeply meaningful to Colin- "love, loyalty and friendship"

(2) It’s their preference not to get a diamond of too high carat so that she could wear the ring daily comfortably.

(3) They wanted to incorporate elements that would give it a more classic look such as filigree and milgrain

(4) and many other requirements. 😏

Why JannPaul?

“The main reason why I chose JP is because of the quality of the staff and how JP catered to my needs. Other jewellers were more interested to sell me what they had than to understand what I required in an engagement ring. When I visited JP without an appointment, they gave me a primer on diamond buying and showed genuine interest in what I was hoping to acquire. With further knowledge gained on the subject matter, and further shopping elsewhere, I decided to proceed with who I thought could best meet my interests - hence, JP. Oh, and also because I fell in love with the cushion Brellia. :)” -Colin

Customization Begins..

After choosing the Cushion Brellia that Colin really likes, the next part of the process is even more strenuous.

How would you incorporate a claddagh and a filigree and milgrain in a single ring?   
 ....while keeping it classic??? 

While everything seems perfect when we imagine it, some designs don’t just compliment all types of ring. And there are some designs that can accentuate the main diamond more. That is when 3D rendering comes in handy!

After a few rounds of designs….

Finally, Colin found the best one that suits his and her girlfriend’s preference.

Instead of incorporating an actual hand on the design, it was replaced with filigree that engulfs the heart, symbolizing the same thing while keeping the engagement ring’s beauty and elegance.

Preparations for the proposal

Despite their very hectic schedule at work, they manage to allot a certain time that they took a break from it all. 

25th of November, under the stars in a private pool in Kamala Beach Thailand, he professed his love. In spite of the short preparation, it was perfect - she was thoroughly surprised happy, and of course, she loved the ring!

Congratulations Joanne & Colin!!

- Written by Joy Barcelona

Sunday, 29 January 2017

How to Secretly Measure your Partner's Ring Size

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Here's a video dedicated to all of you guys, who needs some advise on
how to get your girlfriend's ring size secretly.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas on how to go about getting the size,
please feel free to comment on the section below.

We'll be glad to share them with our clients to come!

Before you get down on one knee,

You need to make sure that the ring will fit your wife-to-be..   ðŸ‘°

-Joy Barcelona

Friday, 23 December 2016

A Diamond Buying Guide on How to Prioritize the 4Cs

The 4Cs of the diamond are the very basic specifications you have to learn before making your actual purchase. It will affect not just the pricing, but its overall appearance and durability.

Which of these 4C is the most important, which one can you compromise?
Watch this video to learn more!


- Joy Barcelona

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Top 5 proposal ring designs for November 2016

One of the most common questions we often receive is, “What’s the most popular one?” or “What do people normally go for?”. If it’s for food, it'll be a stress-free question. Staffs will  probably recommend you their best-sellers or maybe dish of the day they want to promote. But when it comes to a proposal ring, it’s a very tough question to answer. With thousands of design choices out there, how would you even know where to begin?

To help you with your dilemma, I’ve gathered all the information of orders that we have for the past month and here are the top 5 picks for designs for November 2016.

But before that…. 😀 as mentioned, there are thousands of ring designs out there, but then again, I will be very honest. For the month of November, about 30% of our clients have opted for ring customisation services and created something personal and meaningful to them. 

This is when guys want to put more thought on the proposal ring that their future wife is going to wear in her lifetime. So ladies, give your man a little credit, flaunt your diamond rings! 

Moving on, here are the top 5 picks for the month of November.

  • 6 claw twisted band in rose and white gold

This is an elegant solitaire ring design that gives the ring an overall delicate look. One of the bands is made in rose gold to give it a more feminine charm and at the same time to create a beautiful contrast. This white and rose gold twist band gives a very whimsical charm to your proposal ring.

If your girlfriend is a fan of bling, you can even take it a step further by adding some side diamonds.

  • 6 claw tapered band 

Tied on the second rank are two 6 claw designs. They’re very similar; both of them are classic and sophisticated. If I didn't mention this, you probably haven't noticed, there is a slight difference in the side profile design of these two rings. One of them has a heart shape cut out at the bottom of the prong head, while the other is a triangle hole.

They look alike from top view. They’re tapered towards the main diamond with 6 claws that make the centre piece look more rounded. It’s either you go for a girlish heart or a classic triangle design.

  • 4 claw tapered band 

The next design is another classic 4 claw (4 corner orientation) ring design. This engagement ring design is tapered towards the main diamond as well. On the side profile, the curvature of the prongs stretches to the tip of the diamond, giving it a very organic elegrant feel. This is further complimented by the triangle cathedrals on the side. 

This proposal ring design is one of my all time favourite :)

  • 6  claw knife edge band

Another 6 claw design that has made it to the top 5, is a uniform knife edge band design. Knife edge bands essentially makes the band appear thinner than it actually is. So you can retain the thickness of the gold while keeping the ring pleasing to the eye. My only concern is that some ladies may not find this ring design very comfortable to wear as the edge of the band might protrude more between the fingers. However, I know of some ladies who doesn't mind at all.

  • 4 claw spiral twist ring

The next design is very unique and gorgeous but slightly risky to choose when you’re not buying with your girlfriend. As compared to the rest, this is a wavier design which is really exquisite and stunning. However, it’s very dependent on a girls liking. Some ladies love it, while some may not be a fan of it. If your girl likes the wavy and flowy feel, this is definitely a good option for you. Overall this design gives soft and luminous appearance.

However, these type of wavy designs tends to be harder to match with your wedding band if you plan to stack your proposal ring and wedding band together on the same finger. Wavy designs may cause a gap between both rings, which makes them harder to match than the classic band designs.

So here it is guys! The top 5 designs of November 2016.
If you notice, all 5 of these designs are solitaire rings without side diamonds. Not that we don’t offer side diamonds, it just really so happened that these are the top 5 :)

Let me know if this has been helpful and if you want me to continue with these top monthly designs.
I’ll be more than happy to help you with your diamonds ring search.

Here’s the link to our facebook page for more ring designs.
For classic solitaire ring design:

For side diamonds setting:

written by: Joy Barcelona

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Friday, 9 December 2016

What JannPaul Signature Cut Diamonds say about you?

Are you one of the lucky ladies who have a JP Signature Cut Diamond? Or are you one of the confused guys who don’t know which among the Signature series to go for?

Either way, do you believe that the type of diamond you chose could actually tell something about your girlfriend’s personality?

In my experience in the diamond industry, I’ve already encountered a lot of clients who came in alone, with friends, family or as a couple. And because of those circumstances, I became more conscious to some indication on what cut suits what character. If you’re still on your diamond search, you can use this as a guide in choosing the best diamond that complements your girlfriend’s personality. Continue reading and let me know if you agree. 😉

Super Ideal Cut: Simple but Elegant Woman

Classic round shape diamond has been very popular due to its simplicity, brilliance & timeless beauty.

Lady who prefers this diamond is said to be versatile. She’s a bit conservative and is a believer of traditional romance yet modern in her own ways. A woman who likes this cut is said to be very sophisticated and graceful.

Solasfera: Glamorous Bride

Solasfera, despite being round shape diamond, hold its own 
individuality to it.

A lady attracted to this shape is glamorous, confident, and adventerous. She has a very good sense of what she wants and what her goals in life are; but still knows how to have fun and is not afraid to show it.

Wearers of this like it due to the quiet elegance and regal feel it holds.

Brellia:  Fashionable and romantic Lady

Cushion Brellia is the choice of brides who are looking for a diamond with a vintage appeal, but with a modern twist to it. So if you consider yourself to be stylish and lively, this shape is for you! 
This suits ladies who are contemporary and at the same time equally romantic and passionate to everything she does.  She will act as a leader and is very detail oriented.

 Octagon: Modern Chic

If you’re fashionable, modern and self-assured woman, Octagon would suit you best. This cut compliments woman who always stands out in a crowd and who will never back away from the spotlight.

It’s for women who love to be trendsetter, who’s creative, bold and innovative. They like how this shape makes them unique.

They’re said to be strong willed yet the sweetest lady you can come across. 

So which are you among these shapes???? 
Only you can tell!

Whether you're a simple but elegant, glamorous, strong willed or fashionable and romantic girl, one thing is for sure, you deserve no less than the JannPaul Signature Cut!

Do let me know guys, if the one you bought or you have matches your girls character.

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written by: Joy Barcelona

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